Where nature provides the canvas & the boundaries of artistic vision are limitless…

The Holmes County Open Air Art Museum is a fusion of nature and art set within a majestic landscape of lush forest and rolling hillsides. Spread throughout the grounds of The Inn at Honey Run, the region’s only Open Air Art Museum showcases original works from local and regional artists of various backgrounds, mediums and disciplines.

Walk the path of the OAAM during each of the four seasons for an ever-evolving experience of earthly and man-made works of art.

Art Installations

3 C’s, 2 B’s, at 1 Honey Run

Scott Ebbrecht

3 C’s are for the Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland skyline (left to right).  As there are beehives on the property, you will see 2 bees on the piece.  As it is the Inn at Honey Run … there is only 1 like it!

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“Totem of Five Pliers”

Dan Warther

The “Totem of Five Pliers” was carved out of a 55 foot tree and towers over all of the other art installations here at the Holmes County Open Air Art Museum. This piece of art was created with a 10-cut method that Dan Warther’s grandfather, Ernest “Mooney” Warther (also known as the “World’s Master Carver”) used.

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Benjamin Caras

Benjamin Caras created “Scaleshift” as a visual and conceptual exploration about the size of things. Caras is driven to create and wonder about structures as visual, spatial representations of the exterior and interior of life, combining both vulnerability and frailty, and protective, abrasive strength, into something that is both rough and beautiful.




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“Primitive Gateways”

Jeannette Pérez

“Primitive Gateways is a sculpture composed of five gateways made with cedar logs connected by a circular stone path. The sculpture now resides in the woods of the Open Air Art Museum in Holmes County, Ohio. The gateways were built using the simplest construction technique- post and lintel- and jointed together using mortise and tenon as well as wooden pegs. 

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“Around the Bend”

BLS Collaborative

Consisting of recycled glass from The Inn and welded steel, sitting atop the highest point of our Open Air Art Museum, “Around the Bend” was designed to reflect the colors and accentuate the curvatures of the surrounding landscape and is truly admiring of Northeast Ohio’s rolling hillsides.

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“Chance Medley”

Mandi Caskey

“Chance Medley” is a 90×22 ft. mural by Columbus artist, Mandi Caskey featuring beautiful hues of blue and green, contrasting with bright reds and oranges, designed to create a juxtaposition of nature and self-awareness — “a journey of serenity encountering its counterpart, chaos.”

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“Archer’s Roost”

Lauren Skunta

Archer’s Roost is made up of over 12,000 hand-dyed paint sticks secured to a net that inexplicably floats overtop the trail of the OAAM. The natural yet vibrantly-colored structure blows fluidly in the wind, creating a honeycomb-like tunnel  that lives and breathes with the surrounding air.

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“Being Time”

Katharine Marie

Over a five-month span, Columbus artist Katharine Marie created a life-sized cuckoo clock composed of mostly found organic materials. This German-style clock celebrates the Amish culture and German-named towns of Holmes County.

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Walter Herrmann

Walter Herrmann joined the OAAM as its first-ever resident artist in November 2015. Herrmann constructed a massive, native “Earthwork” installation, made of materials found solely within the grounds of the Open Air Art Museum at The Inn at Honey Run.

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“Face of the Nations”

Jan & Vince Bowden

Local Holmes County metalworking artists, Jan and Vince Bowden, were commissioned for their piece, The Face of the Nations, a 10-foot-tall Native American-inspired totem pole, after The Inn’s proprietor, Jason Nies, discovered the artists through their local store, Bowden Bells & Garden Art.

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“Haiku Walk”

Julie Warther

When Julie Warther, Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America, approached The Inn at Honey Run about hosting a Haiku Walk, collaborations began for the first-ever Holmes County Open Air Art Museum installation and the main feature for the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Open Air Art Museum.

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Walking Trail Guidelines:

  • All walking trails, with the exception of our Open Air Art Museum trail, are for the exclusive use of our overnight guests only. 
  • The Open Air Art Museum trail is open to the public for a fee of $20 per person (complimentary for overnight guests of The Inn) and is the only trail an outside guest may use with the following rules:
    • In order to visit the Open Air Art Museum and walk the trail, visitors must stop by the front desk to check-in and pay the admission fee.
    • Because we are a serene, adult-only resort, we ask that anyone bringing children to the Open Air Art Museum trail use their best judgement and respect our paying guests by keeping age-appropriate children quiet and respectful of the property. We reserve the right to kindly ask any visitors to leave in the event of excessive noise or leaving the marked trail.
    • No pets are allowed on the property