How to Help:

Please pray for the people of Uganda and all people who are struggling with life’s basic necessities. Please pray for all people in the world who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Please pray for the health and healing of all those struggling with Covid-19 and all other ailments that affect their lives.

If God is calling you to join us in helping the people of Uganda in this immediate time of need, please click the button below to give as you feel called.

Pastor Patrick’s Letter about the Lockdown:

Jason and all friends, I have no words enough to explain what is on the ground. 

People had just started some work after the last lockdown. Some lost their jobs especially the teachers who make a third of Mt. Olives congregation. All people’s salaries have been put to half payment with a promise that when things get better, they will be raised and it was like a miracle. People’s businesses were lost and we had started looking for ways to help them get some small capital through our Revolving fund (SACO) so they could start again. In fact we had even organized for a Business workshop at end of the month where a lot was to be discussed to help small businesses get revamped. All these are now no more at this time. 

The last two weeks have been so tough. Many families including those in the church have been ill unable to walk with malaria, cough, running nose, loss of appetite, general body weakness etc. With the expensive treatment in reasonable hospitals, people have resorted to making local herbs and steaming as the kind of treatment they are administering. There is also fear to make this known to the public because once it’s realized it’s Covid 19, the treatment centers we have are charging 1.5 million per day, which is unaffordable to all of our caliber. I myself fell sick with terrible malaria and infection (according to the Doctor) and I had treatment for a weeks. This was some two weeks back. After my recovery, though I was cautioned by the Doctor not to go so much in the community because of the malaria and related pandemic, I have no way of hiding. I have helped some people to get to nearby clinics or get medicines or even food. 

This second lockdown has also come after we had taken some of our children to school three weeks back. We had paid school dues in full because it was a requirement by the schools yet tuition was increased that they were to compensate the lost time so work was to be much. On Sunday yesterday, like other parents, we paid tuition for the twins and bought the requirements getting ready to take them back to school today Monday. In the evening, the President put that program at a halt and all that money has gone. We are left with nothing yet the children are at home. 

I have to continue moving around praying with families and encouraging them just like I deed last time. I have to be ready anytime to help people in the community when they call especially the church members in case their condition worsens. The government has disowned itself of the responsibility to care for the sick, even to transport them and to bury in case they die, even when they die of Covid 19. 

Just continue praying for us and where possible, your help like that of last time, providing some food would be greatly welcome because 42 day are many when we are not going anywhere. Everyone is crying. I am just on my knees that the worst doesn’t come. 

Thank you,