Wedding Blog: Brennae and Tyler’s Sweet Proposal at The Inn

Written by: Leah Addison, Wedding Coordinator at The Inn

One of my favorite aspects of putting together a wedding is hearing the proposal story. In each story, there is a personal touch by including things like the couple’s pet, their favorite meal, or the place they consider “their spot.” Today we are featuring friends and guests of The Inn, Brennae Porter and Tyler McCulloch, who are sharing the story of their proposal at “their spot” at The Inn at Honey Run.

Tyler and I started coming to the Inn on our 6 year anniversary. We were told to come here by a good friend, and we were so excited. We stayed in the Honeycombs the first time, and we fell in love with how it was built into the hill. We loved the patio outside our door, and our room was just exquisite and beautiful. We knew right then that this was a very special place for us that we would come back to.

Our favorite aspect of the property was the pond on the path right by the parking lot for the Honeycombs. The beautiful trees as we walked were just incredible, and Tyler and I would sit there and talk before going to eat at Tarragon. All of the paths to walk and the scenery is truly what brings us back. It is our home away from home, where we can enjoy time together, where it is quiet, and just the perfect place to be with each other.

I am currently in nursing school, and last summer Tyler told me we were going to go back to The Inn to celebrate the end of the semester. Of course, I was ecstatic and was ready to be in a place that was just relaxing and beautiful. We had never been there during the warmer months, so we were excited to be outdoors, as well. The day we left to go on May 17th, 2016, we got all dressed up to eat at the Tarragon. After we parked, we immediately took our bags to the room, and Tyler said he wanted to go for a walk by the pond. I was so excited, because we loved it so much before. We made it to the little bench beside the pond and just sat and talked. At that moment, I knew this was going to be our spot.

We talked about everything and anything, our love for each other, and how happy we were to be at The Inn again. At that time we had been together for 6 and a half years and we were reminiscing on all our memories together. After about 10 minutes of talking, Tyler just kept saying how much he loved me and how special our relationship was, and I had the feeling something was going to happen but wasn’t sure. Next thing I know he stands up, kisses my forehead and then kisses my lips, and I notice him reach into his pocket. I got teary-eyed at first but then was filled with overwhelming excitement. He got down on one knee, at our little spot, and said, “Brennae Millery Porter, will you marry me?” And, of course, I said yes.

The emotions you feel on that day are incredible. I was so unbelievably happy, smiling ear to ear, then crying, because I was honored to know I would be his wife someday soon. The next 2 days we enjoyed our stay by eating at Tarragon, taking long walks on the paths, and just enjoying being the only ones who knew. We were so happy to not tell anyone right away, because we had that time to just enjoy our engagement ourselves.

After heading home, we started planning for our wedding day. We decided to have our engagement pictures done at The Inn. We loved the way it looked in the wintertime. Despite it being freezing, the pictures turned out beautifully, and we were able to show off the beautiful pond where he proposed along with the beautiful views. We keep coming back to the Inn time after time for our little getaways and for our pictures.

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Photo credit: Ariel Lynn Photography

The Inn has brought us our happiest memories together, and it brings us so much happiness. Tyler and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. The people who work there are incredible and would do anything to help you. The food and views are divine and are just incredible. Tyler and I will be getting married on June 10th of this year, and we are so excited We are even more grateful that the Inn was where we began our engagement. Our wedding is even more special now.

We recommend The Inn to everyone we talk to, because it is such a beautiful, relaxing space that everyone can enjoy. Thank you for everything you all do!

Special thanks to Brennae and Tyler for sharing their story, and best wishes for a beautiful wedding day! If you want to plan your proposal at The Inn, or are engaged and in search of the perfect venue, contact me at