Join us for our first Beasts & Brews of 2017 on Feb. 23rd!

Sip from The Inn’s excellent list of craft beers as you learn about the lives of Ohio’s wildlife. The hour-long program will be presented by Wilderness Center naturalist Carrie Elvey.

Cost: $15, payable at the door. Price includes program and one beer; additional drinks will be available for purchase.

To RSVP: Call our front desk at 330-674-0011, or attend for free when you book an overnight stay.

Feb Beast And Brew - Birds

Other Upcoming Beasts & Brews Event

Feb 23, 7pm

A Feathered Nest

Birds are doting parents and care for their young in some remarkable ways. Discover the ways birds protect their unhatched young and how even egg shape can influence survival.


Mar 9, 7pm

The Secret Lives of Salamanders

Salamanders can be incredibly numerous in our woodlands, but they often go unnoticed. This program looks at the lives of common salamanders and their adaptations to a life closely tied to water.


Apr 20, 7pm

The Birds and the Bees

Yes, you read that right! This program is a light-hearted look at the romantic lives of animals (did you know that city birds sing shorter courtship songs than country birds?). This program is rated pg-13.