February 2017 – Letter from Jason

Dear Honey Run Friends,

What images fill your mind when you think about the month of February? Is it the image of cupid casting his arrow of love on that special someone in your life? Is it the remembrance of past leaders of our country as we celebrate Washington’s birthday and remember past presidents? Is it a reflection on past African American leaders and their achievements as we honor them and all African Americans during this month of black history? Is it the picture of the astronaut John Glenn entering orbit 55 years ago in late February? These images should bring feelings of love, joy, pride, and hope to all of us. The month of February, while the shortest of our twelve months in the year, is packed with significant historical dates and proud moments in our American history.

So why is it that all I hear on the news is fighting? Why are we such poor stewards of our time and efforts that we use our energy to destroy our fellow citizens rather than lift them up? Of course we will have disagreements in policy and law due to our life experiences, but when did we cross the line of civility? No matter your race, gender, nation of origin, or economic status, we are all citizens of the United States of America. We should have healthy debates and always be working to be a better nation, but the image that is portrayed to me in the media from across our country is one of a divided nation.

We are not a perfect people, and the sins of our fathers should not affect our progress in becoming a more perfect union. We all must be quicker to forgive than to slay. Too often our words are directed in anger rather than love, or when words are spoken fairly of a dissenting opinion we slay the opponent of our thinking with slanderous words of hate and assign bigoted titles to the other person. I am tired of it all. I don’t hate my neighbor. I am seeking to live a quiet life that honors my Creator and hopefully blesses those who come in contact with me during my journey. I would guess that most of us have the same desire.

So how can we change course as a society and unify in our common citizenry? I propose that I will start doing my part, and I will apply the Golden Rule to my comments. “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” This will not fix the world, but it is a start. If you join me, maybe our actions will be noticed by others and the directional course change we need will occur.

I hope that this month of celebrating love and Valentine’s Day is also a month that you share love with everyone you come in contact with as we journey through this life together and enjoy all of the beauty of our differences.

Your imperfect but loving Innkeeper,